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Welcome !

The word Tova in Hebrew means “good”. For me, yoga is a lifestyle, and YogaTova is a guide to living the good life, one that is deeply satisfying on more than just a superficial level. For in spite of having a truly blessed, abundant, full life, it is a daily choice and a practice to actively seek out the good in each moment. And I know that when I make the conscious decision to see the beauty, radiance and grace that surrounds me and flows through me all the time, life becomes a little more easeful.

That is the inspiration that fuels my teaching and my life – that I can be an active participant in the creating and unfolding of my existence. My yoga practice has enabled me to see joy in the mundane, divine in the earthly, meaning in the suffering, to find the middle ground in the extremes, and ultimately to see the holiness and oneness of the universe and all it encompasses through the prism of non-duality. Join me in a class, a workshop, an Immersion, or for a private session to start the journey to your good life!

With blessings,

Rachel Dewan

Rachel Zucker Dewan

E-RYT500, Certified Anusara Teacher™


: 914.980.5879
EMAIL: yogatovaemail@gmail.com